Muscogee (Creek) Culture is alive, always growing into something new while remaining grounded in its past. Understanding our past makes us who we are today. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Museum, Cultural Center & Archives will tell the many stories of the Muscogee people. Exhibits will span several centuries of history using multi-sensory and interactive presentations rather than simply displaying cultural material in glass cabinets. Built to the best practice standards of the American Association of Museums (AAM), the facility will host a permanent collection that will eventually be enhanced by art and artifacts on loan from prestigious museums throughout the United States. As a gathering place for both teaching and learning, the Museum and Cultural Center will bring generations together to be immersed in the living culture of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Building Concept: A Modern Mound

The design of the Museum and Cultural Center is grounded in the principles of the Muscogee (Creek) heritage.  Its basic form is a modern interpretation of the Mississippian mounds that are an important and unique aspect of Muscogee (Creek) history.  The mound forms were central to Mvskoke beliefs, ceremonies, customs and architectural heritage.  By constructing the new Museum and Cultural Center as an homage to this mound-building tradition, the building becomes an iconic image and focal point for the Muscegee ( Creek) Nation’s capital complex.